granite worktops

Granite kitchen worktops are stain resistant and easy to maintain with  beautiful colours and a luxurious finish


Granite is a lustrous and sophisticated natural stone surface which provides a durable and effective worktop. Granite work surfaces are a very popular choice and bring timeless beauty to every kitchen, bathroom or fireplace.

Similarly to quartz, granite is a high-density, non-porous surface that makes it stain resistant and easy to maintain. Also, its antibacterial properties and resilience to cutting, chopping and hot surfaces makes it ideal for kitchen worktops.


Granite’s most desirable draw, however, is its natural and distinctive beauty; every granite surface is unique and can never be replicated by any manmade materials. Granite’s texture and blending of colours always delivers a simple yet luxurious finish that remains completely timeless.

Below are some of our most popular granite styles. If however you would like to see some more or you have found another style that is not listed here then simply contact us.

Types of granite work surfaces