Marble worktops

Marble is more suited to bathroom tiling and vanity tops as it is pourus and softer than granite or quartz


Marble is an instantly recognisable natural stone and one that is world renowned for its elegance and opulence. It is formed from the re-crystallisation of limestone where during this process the composition of the stone is altered – producing a variety of stunning patterns and styles.

However, despite its lavish appearance, it does not have the same strength and durability as granite and quartz as it is a softer,  porous stone. 

This does make it less suitable for hard-wearing worktops. However, its warmer colours and natural brilliance adds luxury to any space and makes it an ideal choice for bathroom tiling and vanity tops.

Below is some of the marble styles that we have in stock, If however you want to see our full range or have another style in mind which is not shown here then please contact us today.

Types of Marble work surfaces